Google Tricks


Google, the world’s most popular search engine, has a lot more to offer than you may have realized. Everything from rolling your web page to getting your local weather can be done by using “off the wall” commands in the Google search bar.

Here are 15 Google tips and tricks; some are fun while others are actually productive. In the following steps type only what is in the quotation marks exactly as you see it. Do not put in the quotation marks.

  1. Type “set timer for 5 minutes” or however many minutes you would like and Google will start a countdown timer. At the end it will set off an audible alarm so be sure to have your volume turned up.
  2. Type “Calculator” to open a scientific calculator
  3. Type “tip calculator” to a tip calculator program
  4. Type “Mortgage Calculator” to open a mortgage calculator
  5. Type “Google 1998” and you will be transported to a retro 90’s version of Google
  6. Type “pizza vs cupcake” and Google will show you a nutritional comparison of your favorite foods.
  7. Type “sycophant etymology” for the meaning and history of the word.
  8. Type “zeg rush” to play a quick game in Google when you get bored.
  9. Type “define anagram” for the definition of any word. Replace the word “anagram” with whatever word you want to define.
  10. Type “do a barrel role” and Google will do a complete roll then stop.
  11. Type “founder” before the name of a company to find out details of the company.
  12. Type “sunrise Fort Sill” to get the sunrise time, change the location to any place to see the time for that location.
  13. Type “Delta flight 815” to see the flight information. Change the airline and flight number to whichever you want to check on.
  14. Type “Christmas Day 2016” in Google to find what date a holiday falls on. Change the holiday to whatever you want and year to whatever year you want.
  15. Type “intitle:herbs” to search for the word herbs that is only found in the title and not the content of a web page.

As you can see there is a lot you can do with Google and still more options than we can list here.

Google was founded in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin and is home based in Mountain View, CA. It is a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc. and has since spurred its own companies such as You Tube, AdMob, ITA software and others.

You can also become an affiliate copy writer for Google via the “Google Ad Sense” program and make money placing ads on Google for other companies.

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